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We started in 1999 to host our websites on our own servers. In 2001, some customers asked us if we could help them find a good web host for their website. In 2002, we started offering web hosting services to our customers. Since then, we have been providing tailor-made services for our customers. Whether for a small website or a multinational, we develop the services that best suit their needs. Our services are usually turnkey, which means that the customer does not take care of anything. He tells us his needs and we respond to his request. Since 2016, we had to expand our server resources for our own needs. It is for these reasons that in 2017 we made the decision to offer our services on a larger scale.





We also offer twin services to become an Internet service reseller and you can also start a business. With our services, you will need very little knowledge in the field. We meet most of your needs and we will help you to offer a wide range of services.

Our servers are located in Canada, but we can offer our services in other countries on demand. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team.



our History

1997 - 1999

The compagny Contagieux.net is created.

Everything starts from a website named Frisson created in 1997. This website is a help portal for programmers and offers computer support.


A new online sales website called Contagieux.net/Cars is launched, this division offers a wide choice of modified parts for cars.


The Cars division is sold and Contagieux.net is incorporated to become Contagieux.net inc.


Launch of the website VillesVirtuelles.com (VirtualCitiesVisit.com), the first website of its kind in the world.


VillesVirtuelles.com (VirtualCitiesVisit.com) is expanding as well as Contagieux.net inc. Contagieux.net inc. becomes a major advertising development company specializing in catering, while VillesVirtuelles.com (VirtualCitiesVisit.com) is becoming one of the largest tourist portals in terms of visual content in Canada with more than 30,000 pictures online.


Specialization of the company in photography for restaurants.


Creation of a new subsidiary. Contagieux.net and Boite Bleue inc. partner to specialize in marketing and Internet development.


A new tourist map in Quebec City named VisiteQuebec.com is born. This car is different from other cards because of its large, easy-to-read format. A year later, VisiteQuebec.com became the second largest private printer of tourist cards in Quebec City.


Contagieux.net inc. create See Your Hotel, a brand new web hosting reservation system. The website will be taken over by a partner in 2008.


Purchase of the Sushi Fly restaurant banner and 6 restaurants located in Quebec City and Montreal.


Opening of Sushi Fly Pyramide.


Establishment of the 44resto company which offers a wide range of services to restaurateurs. Sale of 3 restaurants.


The company sells 44resto and Sushi Fly restaurants. Printing of the latest TourQuebec.com tourist map after more than 1,270,000 maps distributed in 6 years.


Contagieux.net inc. becomes a specialized company in the field of photos/videos and invests in the purchase of new video equipment to offer more diversified services. The offices of Contagieux.net inc. and Boite Bleue inc. are renovated with the addition of a studio for taking pictures and videos. DiLucas.com becomes the new management company.


DiLucas.com develops new relationships to expand its skills in Asia.


Launch of the new RoyaltyFreeClub.com website that features thousands of photos and textures.


Afer years in the field of advertising and web marketing Lucas M.G. wants to develop a new Platform that could facilitate the sale of Web services to all enrepreneurs who wish to offer Internet services to their customers. The new platform named VWB24.com (for Virtual Web Builder 24h) should see the day in the spring of 2018.

2017 to Now

RoyaltyFreeClub.com is getting a makeover to be more attractive. The VWB24.com project continues to move forward. The beta versions are in test phase. VWB24 will finally be distributed in several forms to meet different needs during the year 2018. The VWB24 project requires a growing need in terms of server capacity. With its new servers and as DiLucas has already been offering hosting services to its private customers for several years, DiLucasHost.com is born at the end of 2017 to extend its hosting services to all.

After 18 years of experience, the company has more knowledge than ever and wants to expand its services internationally by 2019 to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

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